Troubleshooting: App Login

Troubleshooting: App Login

Having trouble logging in?

Self Help: 
1. Click “forgot password” to receive new password.  
2. Ask your site admin to set you a new password.  
3. Reset your phone after downloading. (some phones require a “restart” after a new software 
download, much like a PC.  
4. Have you updated your phones software?  
5. Are your phone settings set to Australia? 
6. Are you in mobile data or wifi to login? You must be in mobile connecting range when first 
logging in.  
7. Check there is not a “space” after your mobile number or password.  
8.Is there a “+61” Infront of your phone number?  
Admin Help:  
1. Check there is not a “space” in their user login before, after or during the mobile number.  
2. Ensure there is a “+61” at the beginning of their number in the portal (this is an AWS 
requirement) and the “0” is removed after the “61.  
3. Manually change their password to something over 8 digits that is simple for them to enter.   
4. Ensure the expiry set has not passed.  
5. Are they in Wi-Fi or mobile data when logging in.  

If there is still an issue please email with the following details:

User name:
Mobile number:
Issue identified:
Result attempting to achieve:
Steps taken:
Phone type: 

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